Cabin Air Filter
Cabin Air Filter
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Chuan Jieen Suggests that you should replace your filter when:
1. The air volume dropps, the noise of the blower becomes louder, or odor can be smelt from the A/C vent holes.

2. At least once a year
3. At least every 10,000 kilometers (6,215 miles)

We provide a variety of materials for filters for our customers to choose from. Please send an inquiry to to let us know the car model, quantity, and the material type, or use the "Contact Us" above, and we will have someone reply to you during the office hours.

(1) General Type: Particle Type to keep small particle, dust and pollen from outside.

(2) Carbon Type: Most Popular! Not only it can block out the small particles, dusts, and pollens, it also remove the odor or smoke.

(3) Multifunctional Type: As known as Negative Ion Air Filter. The materials contains negative ion。

(4) Formaldehyde Removal Type: It is super useful for customers who are frequently affected by different types of allergens. The formaldehyde removal formula has a layer to against the viruses, allergens or fungi.