Testing Equipment

     Chuan Jieen adheres to the purpose of maintain high-quality products. Our QC (Quality Control) Engineers conduct testing every time the raw materials arrive at the factory. During the production process, the Factory Supervisor carries out strict checks in the production process. After the processing is completed, QC will conduct 100% inspections (such as function, appearnace, or the logo/label) before the packaging process. When the shipment is ready, the Warehouse Specialist check and confirm the shipping process and make sure the cartons are not overly stacked. Chuan Jieen implements such a strict quality control is to allow customers to receive perfect products, satisfy customer's needs, and reduce customer complaints or defective products.     
     Today, Chuan Jieen has set up many modern testing equipment and fixtures, so that Chuan Jieen can continue to maintain our excellent product quality.

(Below are some of TCJ's testing equipment)

               2.5D Measure Machine                                                           2D Projection Comparator

  Anemometer, Tachometer & Noise Audiometer                       Refrigerant Solenoid Valves Testing Station

            Air-Tightness Testing Machine                                                Air-Tightness Testing Machine      

               Tensile Testing Machine                                                             Dynamic Balancing Machine

                     Mircro   Balancer                                                                          Force Gauge

     In addition to some basic and advanced testing equipment, Chuan Jieen also sets up laboratory and sound-proof chambers. In the laboratory, high technology equipment such as Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber is equipped. QC Engineers use the sound-proof chambers to effectively conduct some tests like noise test or dynamical balance test without any external interferences. In the near future, Chuan Jieen is planning on investing "Clean Room" or as known as positive pressurized room to ensure the quality of specific products during assembly or testing.
   Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber                                     Sound- Proof Chamber